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Bridges matches the workforce development needs of local employers with the skills and interests of motivated young people, to the benefit of both. Designed “by business, for business,” thousands of satisfied employers across the country confirm, Bridges works. Find out how Bridges employment solutions can benefit you.
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Your donation helps Bridges from School to Work open avenues to employment success for young people with disabilities who ask nothing more than an opportunity to show what they can do. Your support will enhance lives, while strengthening the workforce in our businesses and communities.
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10-07-16Johnson Scholarship Foundation awards matching grant to MFPD
Largest private foundation commitment ever made for Bridges program

The Johnson Scholarship Foundation has awarded a five-year $750,000 matching grant aimed at growth and expansion for the Bridges From School to Work program of the Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities (MFPD). One of the largest private foundation commitments ever made to the MFPD, this award underscores the potential that external funders see for Bridges to expand its reach in existing locations and launch programs in new cities where exploration is already underway.