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Since 1989, Bridges has helped businesses successfully meet their workforce development needs while diversifying the workplace—filling entry-level jobs with pre-screened, qualified young adults.
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Bridges matches the workforce development needs of local employers with the skills and interests of motivated young people, to the benefit of both. Designed “by business, for business,” thousands of satisfied employers across the country confirm, Bridges works. Find out how Bridges employment solutions can benefit you.
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Your donation helps Bridges from School to Work open avenues to employment success for young people with disabilities who ask nothing more than an opportunity to show what they can do. Your support will enhance lives, while strengthening the workforce in our businesses and communities.
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06-13-14Marriott Foundation Celebrates 20,000 Youth Served in 25 Years
On the 25th anniversary of its creation, the Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities Bridges from School to Work program has served more than 20,000 youth with disabilities

The Foundation kicked off what will be a year-long celebration of its 25th anniversary at the annual Bridges Gala, held at the new Marriott Marquis Washington, DC on June 11. Hosted by Dick Marriott and co-chairs Tom Baltimore and Neal Wilson, the evening was attended by 1,000 business and community leaders and raised $1.5M in support of Bridges youth.

10-01-13Leading Business Executives Come Together to Promote Investments in Hiring
Annual USBLN conference focused on preparing youth with disabilities for the workforce

Mr. Richard Marriott, Chairman of the Board of Host Hotels and Resorts and President and Trustee of the Marriott Foundation, and Mr. Mike Corbo, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mitsubishi Electric US Elevator/Escalator Division, headlined a lively lunch discussion on preparing young people with disabilities for the workforce. The symposium addressed an audience of 600 business leaders at the annual USBLN® conference in Los Angeles today.

08-20-13A Solid Foundation for Opportunity
Bill Marriott blogs about Bridges

Years ago, when our company was first beginning to add hotels to our business, my dad would scout locations for new hotels by watching the traffic across the bridges of Washington. He would say they would never move the bridges. He knew that a hotel built near a bridge or a Hot Shoppe near a bridge would always have steady traffic, and the opportunity for new customers every day.

How appropriate then, that so many years later, the Marriott Foundation for People With Disabilities would launch a program that would provide thousands of young people with mental, physical and cognitive challenges the training and opportunities they need to find solid employment and build their careers – and that it would be named “Bridges From School to Work.”