Employers trust Bridges from School to Work because it delivers. The program has placed almost 13,000 young people with more than 3,500 employers across the country. More striking, nearly 40 percent of the businesses that partner with Bridges return to our program to make multiple hires for their entry-level workforce.

Bridges: Built By Business, For Business

Bridges means business. From day one, Bridges fundamental design was rooted in the business experience and expertise of Marriott International. That business focus continues today. The program prioritizes the needs of businesses and recognizes that no employment relationship endures unless the needs of the employer are met.

Businesses large and small, from UPS to the corner grocery have experienced Bridges firsthand and have become some of the program’s most ardent supporters as a result.

  • Union Packaging in Philadelphia was challenged with rush orders for their packing products— Bridges was there to provide able young workers who liked the flexibility of a part-time schedule.
  • Chicago Children’s Museum was eager to build an associate base sensitive to the unique needs of their visitors—pre-screened applicants supplied by Bridges have become valued staff who easily relate to young museum guests and their parents.
  • Orchard Supply Hardware in Los Angeles had an ambitious growth model that relied on extensive hiring—Bridges quickly sourced youth ready, willing and well-suited for the fast-paced retail home and garden market segment.

Working one-on-one with businesses and young adults with disabilities, the Bridges staff provides the kind of customized job development support that leads to success.

Strong Retention. Motivated Employees.

Bridges youth are a valuable source of employees—they are:

  • Motivated to prove their potential
  • Accustomed to adaptation and change
  • Able to contribute creativity and diversity to a team of employees
  • Loyal and committed to staying on the job

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