Bridges from School to Work has offices in 8 major cities across the United States, each led by a regional director who works closely with the leadership at the headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. Our regional directors know how to work together with local businesses, local partners and local schools to make the Bridges experience successful for employers and employees alike, regardless of where in the country it is offered.

Contact List

Find out more about our regional directors and how to contact us.

Looking to Bring Bridges to Your City?

The Bridges approach and methodology can be applied anywhere. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your local efforts to match disabled youth to jobs in order to strengthen and grow your workforce. If you’d like to learn more about how you can bring Bridges from School to Work to your city, please contact us.

Want to Donate to the Bridges Office in Your City?

Did you know you can designate the local Bridges office you’d like to support? The money you donate will go directly to that office. Learn more about how to donate by contacting your regional office director.